SLBP Transgressions of Lust – Your Willful Seduction?! 7th Story Event

8/24/16 11pm to 9/6/16 10:59pm EDT

Available at start: Nobunaga, Saizo, Kojuro

Available 8/29 11pm: Mitsuhide, Yukimura, Masamune

Secret Tryst Fever Schedule (x2 Fever)

8/27 8pm to 8/27 11:59pm [personal] (4 hours)

8/28 8pm to 8/28 11:59pm [personal] (4 hours)

8/29 7am to 8/29 10:59pm (16 hours)

9/4 4am to 9/4 9:59am (6 hours)

9/6 5am to 9/6 10:59pm (18 hours)

Nox_2016-08-25_08-42-25_Nox3_otomeFinish 3 event stories by 8/29 10:59pm to get Scarlet Azalea Hairstyle (item score 200)


Nox_2016-08-25_08-42-34_Nox3_otomeFinish all event stories to get Seductress’s Bedchambers Background (item score 400)

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Protected: MC and DtL

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Shibasaki Ren – MFWP Spicy Love Event (spoilers)

Stage 1 The Mystery Girl

  • Making hamburgers with Ren
  • you tell him that there are more kids coming to Kunian so they are considering on adding a kid’s menu item for lunch
  • Ren thinks it’s odd, since he usually goes in the evening when it’s a bar
  • so you consider using hamburgers, and show Ren a star shaped patty you made
  • then you make a star shaped patty, bringing a smile to Ren’s lips
  • you also consider omurice and a salad
  • Ren wants no broccoli in the salad
  • you ask Ren what he would draw on the omurice with ketchup after he suggests it

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